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Protecting your funds

Hiring an attorney will help protect your deposit on the home you're buying. We will make sure that you're given any extensions to your mortgage contingency date. This means if something happens and you do not get approved for your mortgage, you will get your deposit back from the seller.

Simplifying a complicated process

Buying a home is more complicated than you may think. You will be signing a multitude of documents that will impact the rest of your life. Ensure these documents are legally sound and be aware of what you're signing when you hire a real estate attorney.

Hiring a real estate attorney, especially if you're buying a home for the first time, is an important step in the process.


You'll get it all from us:

Square Square

Ensure all of your documents are reviewed properly and your interests are protected.

 •  Explain terms of purchase contracts

 •  Protect you from hidden liabilities

 •  Review of documents that relate to your                   title, mortgage, and taxes

 •  Register legal documents

 •  Attendance at closing

 •  Answers to any questions you have

 •  Ensure your possess ownership documents

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